The 4 C’s 💎

A lot of the time we get asked to clarify the meaning of the 4 C’s when it comes to choosing/purchasing
a diamond. In today’s world, a plethora of information is at your fingertips and we understand that most of the time, you’re going to research like crazy before making a decision to purchase (or even think about purchasing) one of the most precious things you will own. But let’s face it, while information is your friend, the digital age has made things pretty confusing! What’s the best type of cut you say? How do you tell the difference between a VVS and an SI in clarity? What’s more important, carat or colour? . Well, we love to help couples or individuals answer these questions on a daily basis. But in the end, purchasing a diamond and being ecstatically happy about it comes down to 2 additional C’s that we believe (and we think you’ll agree) that are THE most important – Communication and Confidence. Without these two attributes your diamond purchasing experience will be riddled with mixed messages and uncertainty. Our number one advice when choosing someone to buy a diamond from is to make sure you feel comfortable, that time is taken to answer all of your questions, and that you’re given the opportunity to view several stones that fulfil your wants and desires within your budget. That way you will achieve a great level of clarity (pun intended) and can pick THE ONE with total confidence. . Not sure where to start though? Why not click on the link in our bio and tee up your free, personalised appointment with one of our diamond consultants in store? We’d be thrilled to begin the journey of finding ‘your precious’ with you. 💎 x JJ . . . #choosingadiamond #diamond #myprecious #jadejewellers #yourlocalfamilyjeweller

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